Monday morning

Stormy weather and damaging winds  James took this photo from the car on his way to walk the dogs and it is a house about 200 yards from us.  It was blowing like crazy last night and kept me awake for most of it. Fortunately we have no damage just a few chairs blown around the garden.

All the food went down well yesterday but now I have a large amount of lamb to convert into shepherds pies.  I must admit I like the pies to be made with leftover roast meat which I chop by hand so it doesn't turn to mush.  If I am feeling very good I pipe the mash on the top.  I also made some pea and ham soup with the water the ham was boiled in but as it was a bit salty I used it to boil my vegetables for yesterdays lunch which eased it up a bit before I added the split peas and the left over vegetables from lunch.  Once cooked I blasted it in the thermomix so it was deliciously smooth and a big bowl with a swirl of cream and a slice of buttered sourdough bread was ample for supper.

This morning the sun is shining but we are still getting huge blasts of wind and I am sure that this is not the only tree that has come down.  Fingers crossed that it dies down soon and before it does any more damage. We have a shelter belt of trees at the end of the garden which belong to the golf club and if one of those comes down it will destroy my shed.

Well that is todays news time I got going and attacked the lamb and did some serious spud bashing but first a second cup of coffee.

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