Monday Morning

Good morning all here we go again with another week and easter is creeping up on us.  Yesterdays adventure was to take my new phone to the shop and see if I could get it switched over to my plan and number.  In the past I have have had lots of trouble trying to sort out phones so I went braced for a battle.  There was nobody in the shop except 3 bored youngsters and in less than a minute they did what I wanted and I left happy but feeling slightly cheated it was all just too easy!!!!!

The venison was quite edible and not as tough as I had expected but I had given it a small blast in the pressure cooker so that it was ready for lunch.  The meat on the haunch made exactly 4 potions so no leftovers to deal with.  I also wrote out a menu plan which is just listing the main ingredient rather than the actual dish so I have room to manoeuvre.   It just says things like chicken or mince and after that I can fiddle with the dish and incorporate the vegetables I have available.  I hope this will be a help rather than a straight jacket.

The sponge for my sourdough has been bubbling overnight and today it will get the last of the flour water and salt then we can begin the process of waiting for it to rise which I know can take quite a while.  While I am waiting I can get on with other jobs (don't mention the computer desk).  I have also almost finished my gilet and just have the right front to do and lets hope I make less of mess of that than I did of the other front.  I also need to head to the shops as I am low on some essentials.  

The weather is extremely dull with heavy cloud cover,  it is not too cold but still not warm enough for outside jobs.  I also have to bite the bullet and make a hair appointment as I look like a shaggy pony - I hate the hairdressers so it is always a problem for me and so I leave it until I am absolutely desperate.

Well that is the pan for the day now I need to get going it is always so much easier to write about things than actually doing them!!!!
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