Monday morning

Good morning all - you know what they say about things coming in 3's well last night saw the last of my friends Mum's die.  None were unexpected but it is still traumatic when it happens.  While my pork was in the oven I took the opportunity to offer my condolences to my neighbour whose Mum died on Thursday night.  She was in her late 90's and he has been looking after her since her husband died in 1998 so as you can imagine he is totally lost.  Then at 11pm I got a call from my friend in Bristol who has been looking after her elderly mother for months and months and finally it was over. So with the demise of Shiona's mum that makes three in a matter of weeks.  Sadly there are no words which will comfort them and the grieving process has to be gone through. All any of us can do is be there for them if needed.  People can feel very isolated at this time as others are scared of saying the wrong thing and so often avoid face to face contact.  Having had a career in nursing as you can imagine this is not a novelty to me and I too have lost my parents so I can empathise with their orphan status.  There are no right or wrong words and it takes a while for equilibrium to resurface as it is a monumental change.

On a brighter note here we are at the beginning of another week and it is cold but clear and dry and I haven't got the vaguest idea what to cook for lunch.  It may be a bacon and egg fry up which will get me off the hook while I make some sort of menu for the week.  I made the salsa verde and put it in the freezer so we will have to see if it survives the freezing process without too much damage.  I think I have all the ingredients to make a cottage pie which I can knock together for supper.  After that who knows.  

Well that is all my news for this morning time to get going the dogs are back from their walk and are chasing around the house playing.  Have a good week all..............
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