Good morning all yet another crazy night I was up for several hours in the middle of the night but it really doesn't matter as I do generally drift back to sleep and then wake up very late.  

I finally got my loaf into the oven having messed it around for days and to my absolute surprise is has come out none  too badly.  It is a bit on the flat side but the flavour is magnificent so no one is complaining.  I also made a big batch of pikelets and finally decided to make one large one and divide it in four with the pizza cutter.  Anyway everything disappeared with our lunch of mushroom soup which I had made in minutes in the new pressure/slow cooker.  For supper we had a very nice Cesare salad and a very strange omelette.  The omelette was made with potato crisps (yes the ones in packets) You give the eggs a bit of a beat and then tip in a bag of crisps and let them sit in the egg for a minute or two then make as you would an omelette but once the base is set you tip on to a plate and put it back to cook the other side.  Not exactly spectacular but very pleasant and very easy and quick. I must admit it has never crossed my mind to put crisps in an omelette but if it is good enough for the staff of elBulli then it is good enough for me.  Just imagine having to make a three course lunch for 75 people before you start cooking for customers and I moan about 4.  Yes you've guessed it I have a new cookery book.  It is set out so that the most unskilled cook can cope it has no exotic ingredients and the recipes give quantities for 2 - 6 - 25 - 75.  It gives a 31 day menu and even provides time plans so you can get things done in the correct order.  If only all recipe books followed this formula it would make life so much easier.  It gives list of what you should have in your cupboard, fridge and freezer and the equipment needed most of which we all have.  It is all simple wholesome food quickly made with the minimum of fuss.  Just up my street.  My chef friend put me on to this book for which I am most grateful.

I am still in folding mode and would really like to get to grips with my clothes but today I have chosen to make chicken enchiladas for lunch [James favourite] but it is a time consuming recipe so I think the folding mania will have to go on the back burner for today.  However as things are coming out of the washing machine they are getting ironed and correctly folded so that is a bit of a start.  I must say that having done my underwear draw it is a complete joy to open the draw and see at a glance every item instead of ruffling through searching for things.

The sun is shining and I am well behind so time to get going have a great day all

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