Friday Morning

Good morning all here we are at the end of another week and I have no idea where it went!!! Yesterday we were blessed with a good dose of sunshine which, I for one, desperately needed. I find the grey days very depressing.  I made another batch of pikelets with my discard from the sourdough and frankly they have been by far the most successful part of the whole process so far. I can only hope the next loaf is a bit more successful.  

On todays menu I have some chicken thighs which I may make into a pie with leeks and mushrooms or I may just serve the ingredients in a deconstructed way.  Supper will be some tuna burgers and salad.  So far this week my new menu system is working well as it allows me some scope to mess about with the ingredients. It also helps me to get things out of the freezer in plenty of time so I am not rushing to defrost stuff.

My wardrobe clearance is still on hold but I will get round to it eventually.  I read somewhere that you should empty the contents of the wardrobe on to your bed that way you have to put it away if you want to sleep in your bed.  Sounds like a good idea to me as I know what I would do left to my own devices.  

My knitting has reached a point where I need my brain engaged but I am hoping two more days will see the project finished so perhaps now is the time to tidy up all the wool in the wardrobe before I start another project and get carried away.  I have a very bad habit of demoting clothes to gardening gear but there is a limit as to just how much gardening gear you need and what is required is a bit of throwing away.  I have enough rags to open a shop so I really have no excuse.  

And on that happy note I will get going with something constructive.  Have a great day

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