Friday morning

Good morning all I can't believe another week has whistled by and here we are facing the next weekend.  Today's lunch is going to be sticky chicken wings in a sweet and sour sauce.  The sauce is from the freezer and is a sugar free version with plenty of pineapple for sweetness.  I thought I would give the wings a blast in the halogen before adding to the sauce.  Then just some plain boiled rice will complete the meal.  

My sourdough recipe calls for 4oz of flour and 4oz of water each day so as you can imagine it is growing in volume. I thought I would take out a cup full and make some pikelets and see how they turn out.  If they prove to be a disaster there is nothing lost.  

My iPhone which is an ancient hand me down has finally given up the ghost and is not holding its charge properly so I bit the bullet and order a new one.  Well not exactly new just new to me I went via a web site

Apple iPhone 5S 16GB White
The phone has cost me £149 which is very cheap for a handset like this so I am hoping all will be well.  It should be delivered in 48 hours then I will have to see if I can get vodaphone to swap it over with my current number.  I went for white as the boys phones are black so it will not cause any confusion.  Shiona used this company to get a Blackberry which she loves and has been delighted with her purchase.  I am hoping I too can say the same.  
It is another miserable day with no sunshine just mist and frost but according to the forecast it should improve over the weekend.  These dull days do nothing for the spirits and leave me wanting to crawl back into my bed and pull the duvet over my head.  I find I am really longing for some warmth and sun roll on the spring.

p.s. the pikelets were a roaring success and got eaten before I could photograph them!!!!!

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