Friday morning

Good morning all it is brilliantly sunny at the moment though the temperature is close to freezing. The less said about yesterday the better, suffice to say I am fully recovered from my stupidity.  You would have thought I would have more sense at my age.  Anyway no point in beating myself up over what can't be changed.  Today is a new day and a fresh start and I am feeling fine so no lasting damage done.

Today for lunch I am due to make a macaroni cheese but I think I will do it Valentine Warner style with lashings of fried onions and apple sauce.  I know this sounds awful but it is really very tasty.  He makes his white sauce with white wine but I think I will stick to milk.  The onions need to be fried brown and crispy which takes an eternity but is always worth it.  

I am stuck in the house waiting for the man to come and service Mikes O2 machine I might as well get on with some cleaning and cooking.  I have some nice shin beef in the freezer and I am debating what to do with it.  I am tempted to make a fabulous broth and serve the meat with salsa verde it is either that or some kind of stew.  I am finding my ready diced vegetables a real bonus as I can just grab a handful of each or what ever the recipe calls for.  I imagine that this his how a commercial kitchen runs with minions to do the chopping.  Wouldn't you just love a kitchen porter!!!!

The dogs have just returned from their walk and both are soaking wet as they have been swimming. Dogs don't seem to feel the cold and are quite happy to swim no matter how cold it is.  

I now need my second cup of coffee then I can get my act together and get on with some work.  Have a good day all and enjoy the sun shine if you have it I believe snow is forecast for the centre of the country but so far we have missed out on the white stuff.

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