Easter Sunday

Good morning all.  Yesterday was a really bad day weather wise it rained and blew a hooly most of the day.  It didn't start the storm until late morning which meant that at least we had a dry walk and I spent some time in the garden with Dan practicing his directional commands.  He is a very willing student but I make sure his training sessions are short but frequent. The last thing I want is for him to get bored and we always finish on a success with buckets of praise.  While we were training the bread was rising and at last I have a loaf that is none too bad.

I have been using my oven set at 30ºC to aid with the rising process and that is working very well.  I will try and keep at it as I do love the flavour of the bread and as I add no sugar it is not at all sweet unlike commercial bread which I find very sweet.  

I have a good portion of ham left from yesterday so I think I will vac pack it and hide it in the freezer however the stock has made some good split pea and ham soup which will do for supper tonight. Lunch today will be roast leg of lamb with roast parsnips, potatoes and savoy cabbage and with any luck there will be enough for a shepherds pie tomorrow.

The clocks have gone back one hour and we are now on British Summer Time so today will be going around changing clocks all over the house.  I must admit I find this a complete pain in the posterior and I really don't understand why we can't stay on GMT.  As we are virtually a 24 hour society what is the point? At least some of the clocks and the computer change themselves.  

Yesterdays storm has passed and today it is quiet cold and dull but at least it is dry so far.  I don't know what has been happening with the blogosphere last night it wouldn't let me add a comment for several hours.  Perhaps they are using this time to make alterations to the programs or maybe it is just some glitch who knows.  

Anyway have a good day and enjoy your Sunday lunch and fingers crossed the weather stays reasonable.

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