Wednesday morning

Good morning all I was up at 5am but fell back to sleep so now I am bit behind as my new chest of draws is due between 8 and 11 and I haven't had a shower yet so I need to get moving.  Denzil  is up and dressed and has just returned form a dog walk so if it arrives when I am in the water he can take delivery.  I am ridiculously excited it is ages since I have bought a piece of furniture.

Yesterday menu plan worked well and I made a shepherds pie and a lamb and apricot curry [Thank you Joy].  The cottage pie is for todays lunch and the curry is tomorrows supper.  The vegetable box arrived and to my disgust there were no onions so I will have to go and buy some as I can't even imagine life without onions.  I have gone from glut to famine in a week.  

The weather has turned back to very cold and it is marginally above freezing but a nice frost greeted us this morning.  However the sun is shining brightly which makes it all bearable.  I seem to have missed my slot in the shower  as James has got in before me so at least I have time for a coffee.  

On a completely different subject I don't know if any of you watch "Call the Midwife".  I do as it reflects my early days in nursing and it is filmed here in Chatham at the old dock yard which is now a visitor attraction.  It is also fun for me to watch as I recognise the surrounding.  They are also covering the gritty stories of how things were for women in the early 60's.  It is interesting to see a historical period that you have lived through.  I is amazing how quickly we forget the bad old days and convert them to a romantic view.  To some extent the stories are romanticised to make them palatable to todays audience but much is just how it was.  

Ok the shower is now free so I had better get myself under the water.  So I will love you and leave you to your day.......

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