Wednesday Morning

Good morning all a bit warmer this morning at least it is above freezing.  I had a really good day yesterday with Deny.  She gave me an extra hour which allowed us to concentrate on doing the kitchen.  Every tile has been scrubbed to within an inch of its life, the cooker hood is sparkling and the windows are like crystal.  It almost seems criminal to do any cooking in there now.  It has spurred me on to sort out the cupboards which are both dirty and muddled but that is a job only I can do.  It makes a big difference to do these mundane boring jobs with an other person so at least you can chat and keep each other company.  Left to myself I am easily sidetracked and distracted.

Next time she comes we are going to tackle the dining room which is our main living area as the lounge is now a bedroom. The boys kept out of the way and did the shopping and once we were done James made a lovely potsticker dumpling lunch.  Supper was another round of dumplings in the form of ravioli with a salad of rocket and borlotti beans. All quick and easy stuff but very satisfying.  I went to bed happy that I had actually accomplished something rather than sleep walking through the day.  

As yesterday was a meat free day so today I am going to make some steak and kidney - I haven't decided yet whether to make a pie or just serve with mash and greens.  At least I remembered to get the meat out of the freezer so it is ready to work with this morning.  The veg box arrived so I am well stocked in that department.  I seem to have a glut of onions so I foresee a french onion soup on the menu soon.

In my bedroom I have a chest of drawers which is dilapidated and falling to pieces so I am going to have a look around for a new one but it is not easy as the room is small I cannot afford the space for a big chest.  I quite fancy a nice oak one but they are pretty expensive and tend to be too large.  I have seen one in Oak Furniture Land which would fit the bill so I may go ahead and order it.

Well thats about it for this morning time to get going the dogs and boys are up and asking for breakfast and a walk the dogs that is not the boys.
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