Wednesday morning

Good morning all.  Another long lie in this morning I am really getting used to this.  I wake naturally at 4am but I am now managing to go back to sleep with no ill effects so I am making hay while the sun shines so to speak.

James is out with the dogs and then he has an appointment at the dentist to fit the real crown so hopefully this should be the end of the process.

Yesterday Denzil and I took a ride to the wonderful shop and came back with the inevitable goodies. I bought a bag of 10 courgettes and a bag of 6 lemons for a £1 each.  The courgettes are are now sliced in a pan with oil parsley and garlic where they will get cooked and then off to the freezer. Some of the lemons are destined to go with our pancakes [yes a day late] and the remainder will also go in the freezer.  I am a complete sucker for a bargain but none of it gets thrown away so I see it as an economy.  All the stuff that is reduced needs to be used up quickly so if I can freeze it so much the better.

I am beginning to get the spring cleaning itch as I look around and see the levels of dust building up with four adults and two dogs it is significant.  My kitchen could really use a birthday there is a tide mark around the tiles where I have wiped as far as I can reach but now the step ladder is required to get to the very top and finish the job.  The kitchen cupboards could do with a clean and tidy inside as they have become very muddled and could use a good sort out.  I could also cut back on some of the equipment.  I have enough jugs to open a shop so a bit of rationalisation would be good. I think my box for the charity shop will soon be full to overflowing.  I must admit that it feels good to send a big box of stuff to the charity shop so much better than throwing stuff away.

Tomorrow Shiona is coming over so I need to think of lunch for 5 people and I am not quite sure what to do I think probably the easiest thing would be a whole chicken in the halogen and then an assortment of vegetables.  Most of my food is now set up for 4 which rules out things like chops etc.  

Well the dogs are back from their walk so it is time I got on with my chores for the day the weather is cold but dry so no hindrance to us.  Have a great day all......

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