Wednesday Morning

Good morning all - Yesterday was a good day I had a lovely scrambled egg breakfast washed down with a big fluffy cappuccino.  I was quite restrained in my shopping but I couldn't resist some wonderful cheese and I also bought some nice shin beef.  There were as usual tomatoes going in the £1 section so I bought a bag of cherry and one of large tomatoes.  Once home I converted some of the large tomatoes into stuffed tomatoes for grilling for supper and the rest into a pot to make tomato sauce.  I have put the sauce through the mouli legumes and currently it is more a soup consistency than a sauce so it will need reducing today.  The shin beef has had a blast in the pressure cooker so that too will need a little work to finish it off.

Sandy brought me a brace of partridges which have been frozen with their clothes on so I can use them for dog training.  They are an ideal size to start the dog off on as pheasants are a bit large.  As I walked in the house with the bag Dan went crazy sniffing the bag.  He knew exactly what was in there and was desperate to get at them which is a really good sign.

On the return journey I had a bit of a fright, I had a person in a small car right on my back bumper so I decided to pull in and let her go if she was in such a hurry.  Once she had passed me I pulled back out to pass the slow traffic and she immediately stood on the anchors and braked really hard in the fast lane.  Fortunately I have good brakes and I don't like being to close to other cars.  I wonder if she realised just what a crash would have ensued if I had hit her doing 70mph as she was now on the bumper of the car in front.  It would have been a multiple pile up and my 3 ton tank would have reduced her car to scrap metal.  There are some crazy people out there!!!!

Today we have Mikes CPN coming to visit but not until late this afternoon so I can get on with my cooking this morning.  The house is clean the laundry done and put away so a few days rest from the drudgery of house work and I can play in the kitchen which is much more fun.  Tomorrow I am off to Shiona's for the day and I will take the dogs with me as they love to play in her garden and tire themselves out charging around with her dogs.  It will be nice to catch up as I haven't seen her since before christmas.

Well thats about it for today it is very cold outside this morning we seem to swing from double figures back to freezing every couple of days most odd!!!  Have a good day all......
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