Tuesday Morning

It looks vaguely like a lasagne and it tasted very good so I can recommend this ravioli pie as a quick vegetarian alternative.  Given that the ravioli were already made in Aldi the rest was merely an assembly job.  The tomato sauce I used was quite wet as it was made with real tomatoes and I had assembled the dish the day before which gave the pasta time to absorb some of the liquid.  Anyway this is a very good way to make two packets of ravioli feed four people.  

The weather yesterday turned into quite a blow with the odd downpour but this morning it is cold and quiet.  Mike had a visit from his CPN with a psychologist in tow.  They spent an hour chatting with Mike and have decided to increase his antidepressants but this morning he is complaining that he is getting a cold.  Normally this would be nothing of interest but in his case it could well be the start of another chest infection which can lead to serious consequences.  I will have to keep a close eye on him for the next couple of days. Not that there is much I can do except wait and monitor the situation.  
Denzil has taken the dogs for their morning run so I have a bit of peace and quiet to write before I head for the shower.  Macnades is having a meet the producers day so we thought we might take a trip out there and see what is going on.  I filled the car with fuel yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised at the cost. Diesel has come down to 98p per litre which makes quite a difference when filling a large tank.  As we do such a small mileage a tank usually lasts me a month so although the car is a gas guzzler it doesn't really matter.

If all goes according to plan once I have got rid of the caravan I will then be in the market for a newer car.  It will still need to be big enough to transport the dogs but I will not need the weight to tow the van.  In the mean time it is just a case of waiting which I hate I am a strike while the iron is hot type person.  Once I have made a decision I like to get on with it.

Well thats about it for today I can hear the shower calling me.  Have a good day all ........

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