Tuesday Morning

Well I made a start and chopped up the celery, carrots and onions I had available now when it comes to making a cottage pie the job will be much easier the only prep will be the potatoes for the topping.
I have gone for a medium dice which I can tinker with if I need it to be finer.

Yesterday I did a big shop so that I have all the ingredients the menu calls for and today we will be having tuna burgers and salad for lunch and beef and onion slices for supper.  Making the tuna burgers takes only moments so I will probably make the cottage pie with the extra time I have available.  I also took the opportunity to go to the wool shop and discuss what to do with the Aran weight wool. I have chosen a waistcoat/cardigan pattern which is not to heavily cabled and so far I have only unpicked it once I always find the initial stages difficult until I can see the pattern emerging.  

My chest of drawers is coming between 8 and 11 tomorrow morning and have I sorted out the old one? no of course not so that has become a priority for today.  The biggest problem is my TV which sits on the top along with a set top box for the cable and a DVD player all levelled up by books so quite a mess really.   Anyway hopefully we will have some semblance of order by tomorrow.  The old chest of drawers is useless and only good for burning so it can go straight on the bonfire and be burned if it is not raining.  

Well that is the plan for the day so I had better get going and get on with something more constructive.  Have a good day all and wrap up warm as it is getting colder again......
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