Tuesday Morning

Good morning all, it is below freezing this morning and I had another good night with the door wide open and my bedroom perishingly cold. Getting up is not much fun I have to rush and shut the door and get wrapped in my dressing gown quick before I freeze but it is worth it for a good nights sleep. 

We had a very successful shopping session in the oriental shop and came home to make a big stir-fry. I bought some Kimchi which I have not had before and now I see how people can get addicted to the stuff I love it. Apparently it is very easy to make so I may have a go some time.  There is only one difficult ingredient which is the Korean red pepper flakes (gochugaru). No doubt it is readily available on line. It is supposed to be very good for you with loads of probiotics and is all but calorie free. We bought a good selection of pot sticker dumplings and the freezer is now stuffed to the gunwales. As we still have some nice dipping sauces left from yesterday pot stickers for lunch sounds like a good idea.

Today the wonderful Denny is due but we have already had a bit of a tidy up so not too much to do before her arrival.  I must have a word with her as now that we are 4 in the house once a fortnight is not enough and if she would like extra hours I am happy to have her.

I also need to make a hair appointment some time as I look like a shaggy pony.  Isn't it strange how your hair goes from being alright to a mess in what seems like a day.  I'm sure it is just my perception that is at fault.  I hate going to the hairdresser so I put off and put it off until it becomes a real necessity.

Well that is about it for this morning time to get the show on the road.  Have a good one!!!

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