Tuesday morning

Good morning all I have rather over slept this morning and need to get going.  So I will keep this fairly short.  
Yesterday the respiratory nurse came to see Mike and repeated all the things I have already told him. She then repeated it all to me in front of him and he admitted it was exactly what I have been saying however I doubt it will make any difference he will continue to do what he pleases.  While I was waiting for a batch of sheets to wash I decided to make a Victoria sandwich and now I remember why I don't make cakes - 2 slices each and it was gone.  All that butter and sugar not to mention cream and jam. 

We had had a nice seafood risotto for lunch and I had stuffed some halved peppers with anchovies garlic and tomato for supper.  

Today I am due to meet Sandy for breakfast so time I threw myself in some water and made myself respectable.  And of course the wonderful Denny is also due and a new cylinder of oxygen is due for delivery but the boys can sort that lot out.

Must run Have a good day all
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