Thursday morning

Chest of draws is in here and in position and already filled with stuff now I can seriously tackle my wardrobe which is in chaos.  Anyway, I am delighted with the new piece and it fits in just fine. Yesterdays menu went according to plan and today will be really simple James and I will be eating at Shiona's and the others will be having sausage and beans then we will all partake of the curry for supper.  
We have to have Dan at the groomers by 9am so we need to leave here at about 7.45 so my time is limited.  I have left an extra 15 minutes to account for the rush hour traffic.  It is cold this morning but not frosty so the car will not need time to warm up.  

Sorry to be so short and sweet but I have half an hour before I leave and I am not even dressed yet.  Have a good one all.
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