Thursday Morning

Good morning all well the chest of draws is on its way so now I will have to tidy up the old one so the transfer goes easily and no doubt there is plenty of stuff to get rid off.  This is a bit of an extreme way to make you tidy up. What is it about underwear that makes it impossible to keep tidy? The new chest is due on the 24th which is next Wednesday so I have some time to tidy. 

Yesterdays steak and kidney was lovely and as I had made it all properly it had a lovely thick gravy together with loads of mash and broccoli I don't think anyone missed the pastry of a pie.  I can't remember where I found an ox kidney as it has been in the freezer for a while and my short term memory is getting pretty bad.  For my money you can't beat ox kidney for steak and kidney pies but it is not that easy to get hold of.  

None of us felt much like supper after such a substantial lunch so we shared a pizza which was fine. Today I think I fancy a sausage and bean casserole with a side order of buttered cabbage.  Supper will have to be a sandwich or something.  

Once more the weather has turned and we are up above freezing not that it feels any warmer as it has been raining.  I am trying to keep up some momentum with the spring cleaning but I am very easily persuaded to something else.  I am always ready to cook rather than clean so I am doing little bits here and there.

Everyone else is now up and Dan is trying to organise the morning walk.  I would love the dogs ability to be wide awake instantly unlike us humans who need coffee and time to be fully awake. Come to that I would also love their ability to fall asleep instantly too.  Well that about it for today nothing very exciting is going on but that too is a blessing if a bit boring.
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