Thursday Morning

Good morning all - What a difference a tooth makes, at last James looks more normal with his new crown in position. He missed lunch as he was at the dentist but made up for it later once the cement had had time to set.  

I made a big batch of pancakes for supper which we had in the simplest fashion with sugar and lemon.  They were really delicious and I was wondering why I don't make them more often, then I remembered the standing at the stove for hours making them.  As fast as I could make them so they were eaten.  The last one, which was the inevitable lace doily, went to the dogs.

I was just about to get stuck into some cleaning when the door bell rang and there were Len and Margaret our friends.  Margaret had just been to the hospital for a colonoscopy and not only was she instructed to buy her own enema but also to administer it prior to her appointment.  Talk about DIY she was pretty disgusted.  I for one would not want to be traveling following an enema I would want to be very close to the toilet for some time.  As an ex Midwife she was pretty unimpressed and was not afraid to say so.

I have at last finished the centre portion of the cot blanket and now I am on to the border which is going to be more interesting and though the pattern asks for stitches to be picked up along the edge I have decided to crochet the border which will be much easier.  

Denzil took a large box of stuff to the charity shop which has thinned out the stuff a bit but I feel there is plenty more to go.  I am working on the principle that if I have not used and item for a year then it can go.  I must say that cleaning will be much easier once I have decluttered.  I have been thinking of asking Denny to come on a weekly basis for a while until we get the house into a semblance of order.  

I need to get going this morning as Shiona is coming so I intend to be at the shops when they open and purchase a large chicken for lunch.  I have a large portion of courgettes trifolati and together with some roast potatoes it should make an adequate meal.

This morning is very cold with the thermometer down to 2ÂșC but clear and dry.  So it is a wrap up warm day.  Have a good day all and remember the thermals!!!!
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