Thursday Morning

Yesterday was cold but dry and at least the dogs came home from their walk without a ton of mud. James had things to do with his car so he was to and fro from the garage but now all is well and the bill was not extortionate.  Today he is off to the Dentist and hopefully he will return without a gap in his teeth.

The stew I made for lunch went down well but Mike was reluctant to eat his greens but that is no problem to me as it was curly kale and that is my favourite and I can eat a whole plate full.  For supper we had some rather nice sausages that I had bought from the butchery department of Macnades.  Next time I go I must buy more as they were very tasty.  I was impressed by the pork they had on sale as there was sufficient fat none of this skinny pig stuff.  I also made a big batch of carrot and coriander soup as I had a glut of carrots so that is now tucked up in the freezer.

Today I am off to Shiona's with the dogs and the men have a nice easy lunch to prepare pasta pesto and salad.  The pesto is properly made and once again bought from from the wonderful shop.  They have large bowl of it and you just fill a tub with as much as you like.  The good thing is because it is freshly made it freezes really well and makes a good standby for a quick and easy meal.  

This week seems to have flown by but I have had lots to do so I have been occupied.  My credit card suddenly refused to work and after a couple of phone calls it was decided that the best option was to put it through the shredder and they are going to send me a new one so for the time being I am on the debit card  so it shouldn't cramp my style too much.  

Well thats about it for this morning time I had a second cup of coffee and got myself going.  The dogs are going crazy asking for a walk but they are due for a day out which they don't understand.

Have a good day all ......

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