Sunday morning

Good morning all another chilly one but above freezing so not too bad.  My order from Tesco arrived at the crack of dawn but what a joy just to have it arrive at the door without having to slog up and down the isles. I had only ordered stuff I can't get in Aldi so I am not off the hook and will need an Aldi run today.  I sat and made a menu for the week which should make my life a bit easier provided I remember to get stuff out of the freezer in time.  I also spent some time dicing vegetables ready for the week.  The chicken carcass has made a big pot of stock which will need straining and freezing today.   Denzil supervised the laundry so we have the airing rack up and the clothes have dried over night and are ready for putting away.  I had to dash out as the pharmacy had failed to deliver Mikes drugs so I had to go and fetch them as he was almost out of pills and puffers.

After just two days of antibiotics Tubby's chest had all but recovered it is still red but not angry looking, not that it bothered him and he is delighted to be given a piece of cheese twice a day.  Dan is quiet as a mouse this morning after yesterdays lesson in decorum.  At 18 months he is at that cocky stage where he thinks he knows it all, kind of like teenaged children who think their parents are thick and ready to put out to pasture.  

On the menu today is a small half leg of lamb which will feed the four of us but I am not expecting any left overs.  My vegetables are very low as my box doesn't last a whole week now that we are four and needs topping up by the weekend.  I do have a fennel bulb which none of us are fond of so I think I will slice it finely with some orange segment and make a salad to go with something or another for supper.  

It is hard to believe that February is all but done so spring is not that far away.  March can be really cold so we are not there yet.  The crocuses are sticking their noses out of the ground so they think spring is here but it will not be the first time they are blanketed in snow.  I hope I am not provoking the gods but so far we have not had any snow where we live.  We are quite close to the water so we tend to be a couple of degrees warmer than in land in the winter and a couple of degrees cooler in the summer.

Well that about it for today nothing much to report.  Have a good day all.......

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