Sunday morning

Cot blanket finally finished
Good morning all as you can see I have finally finished the cot blanket I was knitting now all it needs is a wash and press and it will be ready to go.  Now I need to think of what I am going to do next as I still have plenty of wool.  

Yesterdays french onion soup was very nice but boy does it take forever to brown the onions anyway it has dealt with my glut.  Today I have a duck crown and a separate pair of legs so a whole duck but in two pieces.  As the legs take longer to cook than the breast I thought I might give the legs a small blast in the pressure cooker before adding them to the crown.  I'm not quite sure what to do with them as vegetables.  I have a savoy cabbage which I think will be fine or should I do peas or maybe both, decisions, decisions.  As usual I am flying by the seat of my pants.  So first things first a trip to the freezer and check out what I already have.  I keep saying I should make a menu but some how I just never get around to doing it.  It would save me a lot of hassle if I got on and made a plan.  

Today the weather is warm and windy but still dry if heavily overcast.  So far we haven't seen a flake of snow this winter but there is still time for that.  I hope that comment doesn't anger the gods and bury us in a snow drift next week!!!!

Well that about it for today supper is organised we will be having bratwurst in a baguette with English mustard.   

Do you make a menu?  and does it work.

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