Sunday Morning

Good morning all, late again but I had another really bad night finally dropping off at 4am.  I'm not sure why I am sleeping so badly at the moment thank heavens I don't have to go to work anymore and I can lie in when I do finally go to sleep.  In the end I put myself to sleep listening to a pod cast on gravitational waves now if that doesn't put you to sleep I don't know what will.  Unless you have a copy of Gibbons, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire to read.  I used to have a copy for just this purpose and never got past chapter one.

Yesterday was a good a day all went according to plan and we had the pork chops that I bought from Macnades grilled in the halogen.  They were delicious and came from proper fat pigs none of these skinny pigs the supermarkets sell.  You don't have to eat the fat but it sure helps keep the meat succulent.  I did a large tray of roasted roots to go with them and a pile of broccoli which was beginning to yellow and needed eating.

It was cold and wet yesterday so this mornings walk with the dogs resulted in large quantities of mud. I am beginning to think it might be better to have wood shavings on the floor instead of carpet.  I had intended a trip to the oriental supermarket this morning but I have lost the enthusiasm and will content myself with just pottering around and cooking lunch.  I have a small bacon joint to boil which will be nice with plain boiled potatoes and some mustard sauce and a pile of spring greens.  

I hate getting up so late as it throws me completely off track and I end up chasing my tail.  I watched a program about hoarders yesterday - what a terrible mental affliction it is and it seems like there is no help for people until it has got to a state where the house is in danger of either falling down or being declared unfit for human habitation.  It seems that the condition usually follows some huge trauma and is a sort of coping mechanism but goes unnoticed for years.  The sufferers are oblivious to the mess and don't see it as a problem.  I was fascinated by the underlying psychology.

Well enough of that time I got going if we are to have lunch today.  Have a good day all........

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