Sunday Morning

Yesterday the wind was a bit gusty but nothing like we were expecting - is it my imagination or are the met office inclined to over egg the pudding these days?  Anyway I am pleased that we were not treated to hurricane force winds.  As I was up so late we decided to have a light lunch of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast.  The cottage pie got deferred until supper time. It took me very little time to make it as I already had sweated vegetables in the freezer and I had a pack of ready made mash so it was a case of frying off the mince and then assembling the rest of the ingredients.

Today I have a fairly big shop to do and I have organised a sweet and sour chicken for lunch the sweet and sour sauce is pre-made and frozen so it will be just the chicken thighs to cook and the accompanying rice.  Pre making things when you have a glut is such a help when you are pushed for time.  I really should do a bit more batch cooking which would save a lot of hassle and aggravation. Somehow at the moment I am not in the mood but perhaps I need to push myself a bit harder for my own good.  At the moment we seem to be living one day at a time and I am sleep walking through life with little idea as to where I am going.  The winter blues don't help much and everything seems to be on hold.  If I can get the caravan sold I think that will give me a boost and will be one less concern.

I have found a charity which will take the contents of the caravan to help homeless people starting out in new accommodation.  They are called "Porchlight"  and when I explained the problem they were delighted and even offered to come and collect the stuff.  Their nearest office is in Sittingbourne which is not far from me so I would be happy to drop the stuff off to them.  While the stuff is all second hand it is perfectly useable and would suit a youngster who is leaving care with nothing.  I am still whittling down the stuff in the house and found a friend who would love my spare wellingtons. It is always pleasing to find a new home for stuff which is still serviceable.

I would still love to move but I think it is too much upheaval for me to cope with at the moment so I will continue trying to reduce the amount of stuff which when the time comes will make life much easier.  Mikes health is still the major concern and though he is stable at the moment he is quite heavily dependant on me.  He seems quite unable to accept that his condition is permanent and there is no magic pill that will turn the clock back.  I think this is a family trait as his mother was exactly the same when she was here in her final days.  She too was very difficult to look after and very resistant to doing what she should.

Well that about it for this morning I had a better night as my back seems to have quietened down and is responding to plenty of rest.  Now I will have to be careful not to over do things until I am quite sure all is well.  Have a nice day what ever you have planned.........
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