Saturday morning

Good morning all at last a decent nights sleep it is also a bit warmer with temperatures above freezing but only just.

Yesterday was a nice peaceful day with all of us just meandering around.  The curry at last made it to the table and was very well received. I split off one portion for Mike before adding the chillies for the rest of us. I am rapidly reaching the end of my set menu so today would be a good day to plan for next week.  I have a real hankering for a salad nicoise so I will try to incorporate it in one of the meals next week.  I have also gathered the ingredients to make a ratatouille.  It is my understanding that each ingredient is cooked separately then amalgamated  at the end, so a bit of standing over the stove is required.  My boxes of diced vegetables have come in very useful so I think this may be the way forward and it is worth doing a bit of prep at the beginning of the week.  On the menu today is a roast chicken with  a bowl of soup from the carcass hopefully.  Then tomorrow I have a half leg of lamb which is unlikely to leave me with much by way of left overs.

Dan is currently learning a hard lesson he wants to go out for a walk and is making a real nuisance of himself so he has been banished to his crate where he is weeping and wailing and being ignored.  He is under the illusion that he is in charge so he needs to remember just who is really in charge.  He tries very hard to train us but we are far too stupid. I'm sure dogs think we are very thick.  Tubby's chest has improved with just one day of antibiotics not that it was bothering him at all.

I have an order for delivery from Tesco this morning there are some things I cannot get in Aldi.  I don't often get home delivery but I was feeling lazy so I sat with my iPad and did the shopping from my bed!!!! It must be a real bonus for those who are working or are house bound for me it is just laziness and a bit of a treat.

Well time is marching on and Dan has finally given up shouting so he can be released from his crate for good behaviour.  He is not a bad boy he just has ideas above his station!!!! and needs the odd reminder of who is in charge.

Have a good weekend all and lets hope the weather is not too miserable........

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