Saturday morning

Good morning all it really is Saturday morning isn't it? next doors dogs had me awake in the middle of the night barking their heads off and with my door open it was very loud. May be it was the still of the night that magnified the sound but it was very disturbing to sleep.  They are little Jack Russels so they have a very high pitched bark unlike the the basso profondo of Dante who only barks to announce someone at the front door. 

Yesterday we had nursery food. For lunch we had macaroni cheese with a little added luxury.  Some of the serrano ham which I had vac packed and a mozzarella I found lurking in the freezer.  I would not recommend freezing mozzarella unless it is purely for cooking as it does nothing for the texture. For supper we had fish finger and mayo sandwiches.  All that was missing was the jelly and ice cream.  As for today's food my mind is a complete blank.  Perhaps today is the day for the french onion soup. Especially as I have a piece of gruyere cheese in the fridge.
Thank you google
We now seem to be in the warm air steam as it is 8ÂșC this morning and actually feels quite warm.  So far we are dry but I believe we will be in for some rain over the weekend.  The ground is already saturated so it is mud that is the problem.  Tubby manages to stay quite clean but Dan is a mud magnet and his huge feet collect more than their fair share.

A late start this morning so I had better get on with something constructive if we are to eat today.  Have a good weekend all

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