Saturday Morning

Good morning all, sorry to be so late but I had a bit of a grotty night and ended up sleeping in late. Our  lunch turned out to be a huge success the sauerkraut,  which I was nervous about, turned out very well - somewhere in deep in my memory I remember my grandmother rinsing it and then adding to fried onions which is what I did I then added slices of dessert apple to the mix which added a bit of sweetness.  Together with the bratwurst and some good mustard it was a great success.  Mike was very dubious but completely cleared his plate.  Next time I see a big jar I will buy it and put it in the cupboard.  

I spent quite while devising a crochet border for my cot blanket, it was quite difficult to pick up the right number of stitches for the base row and took several attempts before I got it right.  I hope I have now got it and it should be plain sailing from now on.

Last nights supper got postponed to lunch for today as we all fancied a curry so we had a nice takeaway from our local Gurkha restaurant.  The portions tend to be large so we have to buy and share dishes which is difficult as Mike doesn't like anything spicy and we all like a bit of a kick.  We bought him a separate curry with no chili but it was way too much however the dogs were delighted. One day I will have to film Dan eating popadoms.  It is hilarious one bite and he is surrounded by a cloud of crumbs which Tubby just hoovers up.

As you know I have a chef friend and yesterday he paid me the most wonderful compliment by ringing me to ask about proportions for pasta making which had slipped his memory.  It is usually the other way around I am the one on the phone asking for help with some recipe disaster or another.  I was chuffed as ninepence!!!!!

I have no real plans for the weekend just more of the same lunch is ready and just need heating up but as it is just soup I will need something more substantial for supper so I will have a trawl around in the freezer.  I have lots of root vegetables so something to go with a tray of roasted roots would seem to be in order.  Perhaps some nice pork chops would fit the bill.

Well that's the plan for today have a good weekend all

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