Saturday morning

Sorry to be so late but I have had a rather poor night and slept in this morning.  My back was giving me gip and I finally took some pain killers around four and then slept like a baby. 

Sandy took a picture of Dan and I while we were waiting in the woods for the first drive.  I asked to have a position where I would not be visible to all in case the dog went crackers but I need not have worried.  

Yesterday was a relatively peaceful day but when I looked at what Joy had on her menu I realised mine was exactly the same except we has salad instead of peas with our fish.  Today I am on a mission to make a cottage pie for lunch with some of my glut of carrots.  We are all very fond of potato topped pies of any variety be they meat or fish.  

My staples are running low as I have not been shopping this week so tomorrow I will have to hit Aldi and restock.  Having had several outings this week I have rather let things slide.  However in the great scheme of things I think going out was the better option.  I needed a break from the house and all the mundane grind of daily work.  After a while I feel like an automaton just going through the motions.  I'm sure you can all relate to that feeling!!!

According to the weather forecast we are in for storms wind and rain today but at the moment it is still and quiet.  The dogs have been walked but my sinks are full of washing up that just got left so I will need to start with a grand clear up.  But not before a second cup of coffee!!!!!!

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