Monday Morning

Good morning all - I was up at 4 but decided I was still tired so slept on for a while - if I had done this in the past I would have had the mother of all headaches but I seem to have grown out of that problem and can now put my head down with no ill effects.  Things change and some times for the better.

Yesterdays sweet and sour chicken was nice and I must make another batch of the sauce to hide in the freezer.  Today I am doing the experimental lasagne made with ravioli and homemade tomato sauce. We will have to see how that turns out I have used 2 types of ravioli one of butternut squash and sage the other of spinach and ricotta so very suitable for a vegetarian provided they eat dairy. I have finished it off with a coat of white sauce and a cheese topping.  Hopefully a portion of this and some salad will make a very decent lunch.

Denzil and I did a big shop yesterday which with two people made it very quick and easy as we split the list and dashed around separately.  I then took to the kitchen and Denzil did the laundry and James walked the dogs.  Do you see a pattern here we are easily able to split the work load between the three of us and not everything falls on my shoulders.  We all know what needs doing so no orders need to be given we all just get on with things.  I must say that what looked initially like disaster with both children back home has in fact turned into my saving grace.  

Today Mike is due to see a psychologist who is coming to the house around lunch time I only hope he can help Mike to see just how lucky he really is with helping hands all around him.  It would be so nice if he could accept his disability and just enjoy what he can do rather than bemoan what he can't.  He seems to have unrealistic expectations that there is a cure somewhere and there must be a magic pill that will turns back time.  Oh if only!!!!
And on that happy note I will leave you to your day........

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