Monday morning

Good morning all here we go again another week and soon another month.  According to the met office it has been the warmest winter on record and I must say the days of below zero have been few and far between. This morning is cold but not freezing and the sun is shining so it is quite pleasant.  

We had a blitz round Aldi and stocked up on cleaning stuff soap powder and the like.  I also bought some pigs cheeks in red wine which we are going to try for lunch today.  As you know I am not one for ready made stuff but I try to keep an open mind and try ready made things from time to time.  I am ever hopeful but often disappointed we will have to see how todays purchase works out.  The small half leg of lamb cooked in the halogen oven was perfect for the four of us and as anticipated there were no left overs so no shepherds pie.  As we had had a substantial lunch we just had some chicken broth with pastina and a good grating of parmesan for supper.  

Today I am going to make a ratatouille which will do for supper with some crusty bread.   I think it will take a while to make as each ingredient is cooked separately then all put together at the end with the tomatoes.  I would also like to make a start on the dining room which is very dusty.  There is a lot of china and glass which is looking very dull and could all do with a wash so I intend to load the dishwasher several times and put all the stuff through.  While it is in the wash I can get round with a duster and clean the surfaces. Denny is coming tomorrow so I would like to get a head start.  As you can see my intentions are good but just how much I accomplish is in the lap of the gods.  Cooking the main meal in the middle of the day really cramps my style. I am hoping the boys will take the old chest of drawers to the tip as it is now blocking up the front of the garage and does need to be got rid of.  There is also a huge cardboard box and loads of polystyrene in which the new one was delivered which is also causing a blockage.  

Grand plans but first more coffee and a shower before I get stuck in.  Enjoy the last day of February....... 

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