Monday morning

Good morning all well I wrote a menu yesterday for the whole week and so far I have changed it more than a few times.  Still at least I have the skeleton of a plan.  The fly in the ointment is that Dan is going to the hairdressers on Thursday which means I have to have him there by 9am and pick him up at 1pm.  The groomer is an hours drive away so it will take up the whole morning and I will have to leave food that is easy to cook. The good news is I have to be in on Wednesday as my chest of draws is arriving and I can spend the day in the kitchen while I wait.  Tubby is having a trip to the vet this morning as he has developed a rash on his chest and I need to do the shopping to match the menu.  I am also going to have a look at some knitting patterns for Aran wool of which I have plenty so I thought a gilet type sleeveless cardigan might be an idea.  In one of my mad tiding sessions some years ago I decided I would give up knitting and got rid of my multitude of knitting needles so now I am having to replace them.

Yesterdays duck dinner went down well and I did put the legs through the pressure cooker first which made sure all was cooked at the same time.  With it we had the savoy cabbage braised in stock in quarters and I made a parsnip puree which was delicious - well what is not to like when you cook parsnips in butter and cream.

Today on the menu is for a prawn risotto and salad and supper will be some potstickers with an assortment of dips.  I thought I might try to get a bit ahead and prepare some onions, carrots and celery ready for soups, stews and casseroles.  I may just as well keep them in prepared form as in their natural state and while I am peeling one onion I might just as well peel a dozen.  I can then keep them in tupperware boxes in the fridge ready for instant use.  It might be a smart move if I do this as soon as my vegetable box arrives on Tuesday.  

Well that is the plan now lets see if I can stick to it!!!!  In the mean time have a good day all......

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