Monday Morning

Good morning all the good news is I slept like a log last night.  I turned my bedroom into an Arctic retreat with the door open and buried myself in the duvet.  It was subzero last night so it really was chilly but I was toasty warm in the bed.  I wonder if my poor nights have been because I was just too warm?  Who knows!!!

Today the boys and I are going to Greenwich to the oriental shop, it is much cheaper to buy soy sauce and the like as they sell it in big bottles.  They also sell big bags of frozen pot sticker dumpling which we all love.  I will have to have a look in the freezer first as I don't have endless space to store stuff and I am inclined to get carried away.  Shopping there is quite difficult as all the labels are in foreign languages so there is quite a bit of guess work involved.  Anyway it is certainly more exciting than Tesco.  The vegetables are very varied and most of them I have never seen let alone know what to do with.  After his 9 years in Thailand I am hoping Denzil might be some help!!!  Anyway it should be a fun outing as it is a vast place.

Yesterday we had a small bacon joint which I boiled then used the same water for both the potatoes and the greens.  The mustard sauce was made in the Thermomix so I had just the two items to wash up.  James did the super which was egg and chips with a side order of breaded scampi and interesting combination but not unpleasant. With a nod to health the scampi were cooked in the halogen rather than deep fried.  

I spent quite some time getting my crochet correct as doing the border needs to be fairly accurate too tight it is a mess and too loose gives a frilly edge so each row is a bit of guess work.  Anyway I hope it will look OK when done.

The dogs are back from their walk so it is time I got going and got dressed.  Second cup of coffee in hand I am off.  Have a good day all.......

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