Friday morning

Good morning all.  Well Dan really looks lovely following his hair do but poor old Tubby has scratched his chest and belly on brambles and they have now become infected so he is on a course of antibiotics.  On our way to the groomers yesterday we drove through all four seasons.  The car was iced over before we started and by the time we reached the top of the north downs it was snowing however by the time we were leaving Dan who was trembling terribly it felt like spring.  We continued to Shiona's house by which time it felt like summer with blazing sunshine.  Once we got home the dogs went mad they are really good friends and had obviously missed each other.  When it was time for Tubby to go to the vet Dan sat on the stairs and let out a couple of the most deeply felt howls of total distress.  Fortunately he was only gone for half an hour and then they were reunited and have been joined at the hip ever since.

The menu kind of went to hell yesterday I had the curry organised for supper but none of us felt like it so we had a kebab and salad instead and the curry is on todays lunch menu.  It is again bitterly cold this morning and well below zero.  I have had a couple of rough nights this week and I am feeling very tired - left to my own devices I would probably crawl back into bed and stay there until I got hungry!!!!

I have a few chores to get on with this morning so I had better put ideas of bed behind me and get on before I freeze.  Sitting around in a dressing gown is no way to stay warm.  Sometimes I envy the dogs they have had a quick run this morning eaten breakfast and gone straight back to bed for a snooze until they hear lunch preparations and there is a chance of goodies.  Tubby is having his antibiotics buried in  piece of cheddar so he thinks it is a treat.  My dogs think that cheese cures all ailments.  Dans feet were given a good do and his snow shoes removed so he has come back from a walk without half the field still attached to his shoes and the carpet looks none too bad.

Well that about it for this morning it is day for keeping warm I think.  
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