Friday Morning

Good morning all another chilly one the warm air we are supposed to be getting hasn't arrived yet and with clear skies the temperature has dropped like a stone.  My intentions of making a sausage casserole yesterday got abandoned and I made sausages with onion gravy mash and peas.  I had a big bunch of coriander which was on the blink so I dashed out and bought some chicken legs and made a Madhur Jaffrey  Lemony chicken with coriander, which was served with buttery basmati rice.  This is a recipe from the dim and distant past but is the only recipe I know that calls for masses of coriander. I had forgotten just how delicious it was and very simple to make.  

I have been a day out this week and sure that today is Saturday.  I don't know where I lost a day but it certainly makes for a muddle.  I was interested to read about the book on tidying that Anne has purchased and as I am always looking for an easy way out of decluttering I will be interested to see if she thinks it is worth me purchasing a copy.  I looked at my chest of draws yesterday but found an excuse to put off tidying yet again.  I still have a few days to go before the new one arrives so I will have to do it eventually.  I have come to the conclusion that what makes tidying difficult is the the quantity of stuff.  The more I can thin out the stuff the easier it will be to keep the place tidy.  I think having my lounge as a bedroom and furniture scattered around the house doesn't help matters much as it looks messy no matter how tidy it is.  

Dan is if an age now where he thinks he knows it all and is in charge of the house he has been making a real nuisance of himself wanting to go for a walk and has just discovered that I am still in charge and he has been banished to his crate where he is whinging.  He does need taking down a peg or two from time to time.

Well thats about it for this morning I need to get out to the freezer and search for some food for the day.  Have a good day all......
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