Friday morning

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Good morning all it is really frosty this morning but at least I don't have to go out just yet.  Yesterday I shot out first thing to get a chicken for lunch and it was really perishingly cold.  It took me ages to thaw out when I got home and in desperation I plunged into a big sink full of washing up.  It seems to me the quickest way to warm up is hot water. Shiona arrived with her two dogs looking super as they had been to the hairdresser the day before.  

The chicken was cooked in the halogen oven as usual and was served with roast potatoes, courgettes and carrots.  Of course the carcass is in the slow cooker making soup as I write.  I think it will be a chunky soup as I have a bit of meat and some veg left over.  

After lunch we took a run out to the new Asda [not my favourite shop] as they advertised on the web site that they were doing boxes of ugly vegetables but sadly they had none and when we asked you would have thought we were talking Chinese.  So much for Asda trying to help the farmers who get to throw away 20% of the produce before it even gets to market.  Shiona was happy to restock her wine supplies and she also took the big suitcase which was destined for the tip as the charity shop didn't want it.  So all in all a nice day.

I had sent off for some king size throws for the boys beds as they get filthy with the dogs. White sheets don't lend themselves to sharing with dogs.  The throws are a deep purple so they will not show the dirt and will be easier to wash than the duvets.

On the menu today we have bratwurst and I have a big jar of sauerkraut which I haven't had for ages so I will need to look up how to deal with it.  I seem to remember my grandmother washing it then frying some onions and finally adding the sauerkraut.  I thought I might add a little eating apple to it as well and see how that turns out.

Well the family are now all up and the dogs are going mad for their walk and breakfast so time I got this show on the road.  Wrap up warm it is a very chilly one.....
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