Friday morning

Good morning all well I had a lovely day with Shiona she had made a delicious roast salt marsh lamb lunch so it felt like Sunday and you know how easily I am confused!!!  We both have similar problems on the horizon me with the caravan and here with a house to sell so we chatted through the problems looking for a magic solution sadly we didn't find it.  However it was good to bounce ideas around and look from different perspectives.  Shiona suggested that there are charities who make up starter boxes for homeless who are being moved into bare accommodation.  They might like the crockery and cutlery pots and pans and bedding from the caravan.  I will have to do some investigating I would so much rather see the stuff go to a useful cause than into land fill.

I had a good run out and back and the dogs had so much fun charging around her garden that they were both very tired when they got home.  I was still full from my lunch so the men decided to treat themselves to a pizza.  Today my mind is a blank canvas as far as food is concerned so I will have to have a rummage in the freezer, if push comes to shove there is always soup and a sandwich. Fortunately I don't have any fussy eaters no matter what I turn out they appreciate and wolf down so from a cooks perspective what more could you want.

The dogs are out for their walk and it is now time I got going so I will cut this short and go and get myself dressed to face the day.  Have a good one......

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