Wednesday morning

Good morning all we have just had a bit of a trauma putting out the bin bags one of them split and with a force 9 blowing the contents was blown all over the garden in moments.  Though it is wet and windy fortunately it is not cold so running around the garden in my dressing gown was not a problem though if anyone saw me I bet they had a good laugh.

Yesterday I decided to make a sweet and sour sauce with no sugar using fresh pineapple instead.  I looked at various recipes and then made up my own.  There was enough for three portions so two are headed for the freezer and one we had for supper.  The ingredients are pretty standard garlic and ginger and soy sauce to give the oriental flavour then lots of peppers onions and carrot ribbons and finally a little water with some cornflour to thicken and a big blob of tomato puree for colour.  oh and of course the pineapple!!  I have no idea of quantities as I played it by ear until it looked and tasted right.  I'm afraid when it comes to savoury dishes I neither weigh nor measure ingredients.  Sweet cookery or pastry is a different mater.  

I don't want to jump the gun but I have a lady interested in buying my caravan she keeps hers at the same farm and is looking to upgrade.  We will arrange to go up to the farm at the same time so she can have a look over the van.  If this comes off it will be a major headache dealt with.  I think I would like to go up the day before her so I can give the interior the once over so it is looking at its best. Fortunately the farm have a bed and breakfast so we can spend the night in the house rather than the van.  It will also give me a head start on clearing out the personal stuff which needs doing no matter what.  I was wondering if some of the bags that you suction with the hoover might be in order so that we can transport the bulky bedding more easily.  I really don't want the contents back home but I guess a fair amount can go to the charity shop rather than the tip.  Anyway fingers crossed that we are lucky with this venture.

Well thats about it for today I have no idea what we are having for meals today except we have loads of salad ingredients so they will need using up.  Have a good all 

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