Wednesday Morning

So sorry to be so late but I had the day from hell yesterday followed by the night from hell and finally fell asleep at 6am.  The boys just left me to sleep and dealt with the house hold morning chores.  I had planned a lamb cutlet lunch but that has gone by the wayside and Denzil is doing some bratwurst and salad for lunch so now that I am back in the land of the living I will do the chops for supper. I must admit is nice to have some back up.  James if off to the dentist to see what they are going to do about his missing tooth.  If he returns with a frozen face I have some soup or scrambled eggs if he needs them.  In the mean time I have Mikes blue badge to sort out which has taken longer to renew than my shotgun licence which took forever.  Anyway I think we are close as they are asking for money.  I will keep this short as I am now so far behind schedule i will meet myself coming back.  Have a good one all
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