Wednesday morning

Dining room



The new blinds are up and I can't believe how much warmer they make the place.  They are what they call duet blinds as they have a layer of air between two layers of blinds.  As you can see they don't cut out a huge amount of light but they do get rid of direct blinding sunlight. Because they are insulated they will keep out the heat in summer and keep in the heat in winter.  I am a very happy bunny.  

We had a better day with Mike yesterday and I am working on dog training principles ignore bad behaviour and reward and praise good.  I have laid down some strict rules I have offered to help with anything he wants to do but I have refused to do it for him.  Sniping across the meal table will not be tolerated and he will be served his meals in his room if he persists.  I was quite surprised at how spritely he is and how well he can potter around so he really doesn't warrant 24 hour nursing care.  I stood my ground over the medication so he has now decided to take it as he realised the only one to suffer was himself.  Terry his CPN [Community Psychiatric Nurse] came and had a chat with him yesterday afternoon and is coming again next Wednesday so the health service have not completely abandoned him.  He is eating relatively well now that he is getting some decent food though he is still trying to dodge the vegetables.  He forgets I have brought up two boys so I know how to hide vegetables in food and if thats what it takes so be it.  He is burning lots of calories just breathing so I can add calories to his portion quite easily.  

Denzil has just arrived back with the dogs who have had a nice walk and come home reasonably clean.  Now it is time I got underway and organised the food for the day.  Have a good day all it is really chilly here today winter is on its way I think.

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