Wednesday Morning

Good morning all - well at least it is not raining today though it looks pretty grim outside.  Mikes brothers came to visit him yesterday and one of them dropped in to see me before going home.  The hospital are still trying to move him to rehab but with little success I only hope they get him out before he catches something else.  Lets hope it it third time lucky!!!!

The left over turkey made a magnificent faux pie.  I say faux as I cooked the puff pastry separately and just plonked it on top of the filling mix.  As luck would have it there was enough for both lunch and supper so all in all I made 9 meals from on turkey leg.  That has to be good value for money and as Joy says it is very tasty meat.

Our next door neighbours came round to show us the plans for their new extension and loft conversion which we have often though about but the stair case was always a problem however their architect has found a way to manage it by converting the stairs into a sort of square spiral if that is not a contradiction in terms.  I will be fascinated to see it when it is done as the loft has plenty of space for a double bedroom and ensuite.

Today I really need to have a shopping trip and restock some of the basics but first I am going to have a long hot soak after all there is no rush the dogs have had their walk and have retired to bed so I can take my time.  Have a good day all
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