Tuesday Mornining

Good morning all - well Mike is back home.  The ambulance delivered him at lunch time and the ward rang me to say he was on his way.  I had put the heater on in his room because I know the hospitals are kept at quite a high temperature so it was all toasty warm.  I had made a roasted butternut squash soup with croutons and nice swirl of cream for lunch so I thought we were all ready! No sooner had the ambulance guys gone than Mike wanted the bed turned around I explained that we had had to do this to accommodate the oxygen gear.  At which point we were all told to F off he is now refusing to take his medication and his portion of soup got flushed.  This was an absolute tantrum which you would expect from a 2 year old who couldn't get his way. Sadly he has now found out that we are not going to be bullied and if he choses to be an idiot that is his privilege.  He does seem to have some cognitive issues and flatly refuses to believe what he is told it is all done to make his life difficult.  This is the first time Denzil has seen him in his aggressive state and he was quite surprised at just how mean and cutting he can be, even the blue eyed boy got venom sent his way. James and I have had time to grow a thick skin as we have been down this road before. We also had a battle over the fan heater which will warm his room up quickly but he refuses to close the door so he is heating the whole house.   Come supper time he fancied a plate of carbonara but refused the salad or his medication and put himself to bed fully clothed.  If he continues in this way it will not take long to get hypostatic pneumonia again which may well be his intention who knows.  I think we are in for a few rough days until he realises we are not going to be pushed around at his whim and fancy.

I have put this saga up as I am sure there are people out there who are suffering the same problems so at least they know they are not alone.

The man is coming to fit my new blinds this morning and I have had a bit of a blitz to clear space so that he can get at the windows.  I must admit I am really looking forward to this, little things please little minds and all that.

I have a mountain of ironing to do so I will occupy the hours of darkness getting some of that done and brace myself for the day ahead.
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