Tuesday morning

Well what a pain my machine decided not to let me on to the net this morning and it has taken a complete reboot to get it up and running.  Computers are great when they work but a real headache when they don't.

Good news it looks like someone might be interested in our van and I have spent ages trying to find the details to send to the lady as most of the information is actually in the van itself.  Anyway fingers crossed that it is just what she wants!!!  This would make my life so much easier.  

Yesterday was beautifully sunny when I took the dogs for their walk but very soon after it turned cloudy and dull but it stayed relatively warm.  Dan managed to get into the mud just 5 minutes from the car so he returned with black wellingtons of mud and coat full of burrs.  

We had a quick lunch of bacon rolls and I made the stroganoff for supper.  It is definitely better with beef but pork fillet works quite well.  I made sure that the meat fried hard in the pan rather than boiled so it stayed nice and tender and what is not to like about cream mushrooms and onions.  

Today is laundry day and we are also short of some basics so a trip to the shops is in order.  We have some bratwurst for lunch but not much else is lying around.  Anyway having spent so much time sorting the computer I had better get on with some work or I will still be labouring at midnight.

Have a good day all
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