Tuesday morning

Finally the temperature has fallen below zero and we are in minus numbers so winter is really here.  I think the new blinds are making a difference as the room certainly feels warmer.  I made a simple cottage pie for lunch yesterday which we had with cavolo nero.  There really is something so comforting in mounds of mash and gravy.  The sandwiches for supper were made with just toasted bread as I don't have a toasty thing.  I seem to remember years ago when I had one it was a fabulous way to burn your mouth as the fillings always turned into molten lava.  

Today we have a busy start as Denny is due so we need a run around tidy up so she can get going.  Mikes colouring book arrived along with a big box of coloured pencils so far he has not attempted anything if that were me I would have dived straight in.  We will have to wait and see if he ever has a go.  I have finally caught up with my knitting mistake and knitted the opposite front.  [What an idiot].

On the menu for lunch today is a big prawn risotto as I have some good chicken stock and for supper a beetroot and goats cheese salad probably with some chunky garlicky croutons for bulk.

Well I had better keep this short and sweet as I now need to get moving if I am to be prepared for Denny arriving at 8am.  Everyone else is still asleep with the exception of Dan who gets up to keep me company.

We have been warned about black ice today so please take care on the roads if you are as cold as we are.

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