Tuesday Morning

Good morning all.  Now I know you already know this but I am an idiot and that is official.  I had a cheque to pay into the bank so I had a trip out yesterday then I though I was so much better I would pay Mike a visit and that was one journey too many.  I was absolutely finished by the time I got home and went straight to my bed.  

The turkey leg worked out really well and the flavourings were just right.  There is still plenty of meat left over so I guess a turkey pie might be in order. Given that it is still raining I am not going out at all today as the cold air on my chest does me no good at all. I am hoping that Mikes brother might come and visit him today but much depends on where he is likely to be which I will not know until midday.  They are desperately trying to get him a rehab bed but as you know they are like gold dust.

Well I am going to keep this short as Denny is here and I need to get going having slept like the dead last night.

Shiona rang to say that her mum had passed away peacefully and fortunately she was already in Scotland.  Sad but inevitable. 

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