Thursday Morning

A hunting we will go.....Today is Dans first time at a shoot.  We are off to Lees Court which is a big commercial shoot but the season of paying customers is over and the beaters get a couple of days shooting for all their trouble.  The idea is just to see how he reacts to guns and dead pheasants and if he will pick up the birds.  When I took Basso he was a natural but I didn't know until the first excursion.  I of course am as nervous as hell and desperately hoping he doesn't run a muck or embarrass me too much.  He is already at a disadvantage as he is not a black labrador and with his pale coat he stands out so his misdemeanours are easily spotted.  I am hoping to hide in the woodland out of sight of the guns.  If he misbehaves badly I will bring him home immediately but hopefully he will be a good boy and sit quietly while we wait.  If nothing else I can help Sandy carry back her birds.  The game keeper and the shoot captain know I am coming and that I don't require paying as I just want to test the dog.

We have had a problem with the front door as the letterbox has disintegrated.  Under normal circumstances and easy problem to solve but the door is double glazed UPVC.  We managed to track down a letterbox in Screwfix and yesterday James bought one and fitted it.  You would be surprised at what a difference it makes not to have hole in the porch door to let the cold air in.  

We ate very simply yesterday with a plate of spinach and ricotta ravioli dressed with butter and parmesan for lunch and supper was what sounds disgusting but something we all love, fish finger sandwiches with mayonnaise. 

Well time is marching on and I have sandwiches to make to take with us and flasks of hot tea to see us through the day.  The temperature has dropped back to single figures but at least the howling wind and rain has eased up.  Fingers crossed all goes according to plan and we are not home red faced after the first drive.  Dan is sound asleep and oblivious of the exciting day he has ahead of him.  Have a good day all 
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