Thursday morning

Better day and better night.

Never seen this before a line of ice marking the high tide line.  Needless to say Dan went swimming anyway but not before he had discover his paddling pool had become and ice rink and he is no good at skating!!!!

Sadly when Mike kicks off we all suffer he sure knows which buttons to press to cause havoc. Anyway his CPN came to visit and I had a long chat with him and filled him in on what happened over the christmas period.  The house was totally peaceful with no problems but as soon as Mike came back he started to stir the pot.  Sadly this is not the man I married if he had dementia it might be easier to cope with but he doesn't he is perfectly lucid just malicious and paranoid.  He is determined that we are all out to make his life difficult and miserable.  That aside I made a dish yesterday which I saw Ivan Day make with lamb cutlets which were egg and breadcrumbed and then gently fried in lard oh yes this is the low calorie version.  Actually it was really delicious. We did have a light lunch of bratwurst and salad so perhaps it was not that bad.  

The weather is still perishingly cold but we thought we might go and have a round of skeet shooting just to break the monotony and to get me out of the house for a couple of hours.  James has volunteered to stay behind and babysit and he is not too keen to go out and about with his front tooth still missing which is fair enough.  To shoot a round of skeet only takes about an hour if that so it is not as if we are going out for the whole day.  According to the weather forecast it is due to rain tomorrow so today is our last chance.

As yet I have made no preparations towards the menu and James is going to feed Mike and himself and Denzil and I will have a bacon sandwich at the shooting club.  Supper might just be a take away so we all get a day off.

Well that is the plan.  Thanks Joy if I though there was anything anyone could do to ameliorate the situation I would the first to ask for help.  Sadly I think this is my cross to bear and I had just better get on with it and try not to let it get me down.  Thank goodness for sons and dogs!!!!!
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