Thursday Morning

Good morning all well the temperature has dropped like a stone overnight and we are just above freezing but only by 2 degrees.  

Yesterday went according to plan with Mike coming to terms with the new regimen and so far trying to tow the line.  However don't imagine all ran smoothly James made himself a sandwich for supper and took one bite and lost his front tooth which was a crown anyway as some school girls had knocked him off his bike with a satchel and he lost both front teeth a good few years ago.  It was not a deliberate act but an accident due to stupidity.  So I guess he will be making tracks to the dentist this morning.  We have our financial advisor coming to see us this morning and hopefully get our finances into my name as Mike is no longer able to deal with things.  I have been dealing with most of it but there is one investment in his name which we need to sort out which will hopefully sort it out before I need power of attorney.  I have already sorted out power of attorney for me in case I loose the plot then James can take control.  These things do need to be sorted sooner rather than later as it all just gets more difficult.

Last night I put some ox cheeks in to marinade in beer and today they will be coloured in a pan and put in the slow cooker to cook for at least 6 hours so supper tonight with some creamy mash and cabbage.  Yesterday I made some artichoke soup for lunch and we spent the afternoon and evening doing hovercraft impressions.  I love artichokes but they do have incredible wind making properties. As yet I haven't decided what is on the menu for lunch but if we are having a good meal for supper it will be something simple like soup or sandwiches or maybe cheese on toast.  In the mean time I need to get showered and dressed so that I am ready when the guy comes at 10.30.  But first and foremost another coffee.  Have a good day all and wrap up warm it is very chilly

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