Thursday morning

Good morning all today is a wet one it is hosing down as I write and fairly chilly to boot.  Mike was moved to rehab yesterday but not the nice one he is now in what was St Bartholomew's Hospital Rochester which is an ancient building condemned in 1912 as unfit for human habitation.  They have managed to keep it going but there is no car parking except in the street outside which is the main A2. Visiting times are 3pm to 4.30 and 6.30 till 8pm.  The 3pm will be impossible as it is kicking out time for the schools and the later time clashed with supper preparations.  So it is going to be a real pain in the posterior.  It is directly opposite the art college so everywhere is full of student cars.  Of all the places this is by far the worst in terms of visiting.  I am pleased that he is out of the bug infested hospital and with any luck he will not have to spend too long there before they allow him home.  This morning I will ring them and see what exactly they would like him to have by way of clothing etc then I will take it in at 6.30 as I think that is my best option for parking.

In the mean time I have finished the third matinee jacket and have started a fourth which is keeping my hands busy.  I also have a project for today. Yesterday I took out a fairly large quantity of game from the freezer mostly pheasant and partridge breasts and I am going to put them through the mincer together with some belly pork [for moisture] then I thought I would make pies like shepherds pie with a mash topping.  I have no idea if it will work out ok but I am going to give it a try and hope for the best.  Should it be a complete disaster the four footed friends will be in luck.  First I will need to hit the shops and get the belly pork as I don't have any to hand.  I might also put in a bit of smokey bacon for flavour as the birds are fairly bland in flavour.

Well that is the plan for the day fingers crossed it all goes well and the pies are fit for humans!!!  Have a good day all and remember your rain coat!!!!

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