Sunday morning

Good morning all - another chilly day yesterday but they were lucky on the last shoot of the season it was at least dry for them.  I had a chat with Sandy afterwards and she is of the opinion that Dan is worth training up to work for a living so we will have to spend the summer working on his picking up skills. I must say it never ceases to amaze me that the clown in the house converts to a hunting dog as if you have flicked a switch suddenly he is completely serious so serious in fact that he refused a bacon sandwich because he was too focused on doing his job.  Mind you he made up for it at supper time demolishing a huge bowl of food.

Yesterdays lunch was a simple task of filling a tray with an assortment of root vegetables and then plonking the chicken thighs on top.  I cooked them under tin foil in a low oven at 160 then took off the foil and blasted it at 200 until the edges of the onions were slightly charred and the chicken skin was lovely and crispy.  Supper was equally simple I made bubble and squeak with Brussel sprouts and we had a portion with a fried egg.

Today I need to tackle the laundry which has rather got out of hand and with four beds to keep changed it is an ongoing task.  All my sheets are white so I get in a real muddle if I wash single sheets with king sized so I try to do the single beds one day and the kings on another day so I don't get them all muddled up.  It would be so much simpler if I colour coded the sheets so next time I replace sheets I will keep the white for my bed and do colours for the other three.  

Next thing on the agenda will be to sort out something for lunch stupidly I didn't get anything out of the freezer last night but as usual we will need both milk and bread so I might pick up something in Aldi while I am stocking up.  
Well that is the plan for the day nothing too strenuous just a bit of catching up.
Enjoy your day whatever you have planned and say goodbye to January!!!!
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