Sunday Morning

Good morning all late again this morning but I had a very late night so nothing unusual there.  The weather has turned really warm and we now have tropical temperatures in double figures.  The weather this week has been crazy from minus 6 to plus 10 in a mater of days.  It is no wonder that we Brits talk about the weather so much.  

Yesterday's lunch of pork belly strips worked well as I put them in the pressure cooker along with garlic ginger and star anise and gave them a good boil then splashed them with soy sauce and honey and put them in the halogen to finish off.  The water from the pressure cooker had all the flavouring so I boiled the rice in it.  

My friend came with her adult daughter and we hit Aldi and had a fine time rummaging through the stuff  and stocking up on bits and bobs and some wagyu burgers which were on offer so they made a nice supper.

I finally finished the matinee jacket that I had made such a mess of so now all it needs is a quick wash and press and it is ready for the charity shop.  I have been gradually siphoning out bits and pieces I don't need ready for the charity shop.  It is amazing how much stuff you collect over the years most of which needs dusting!!!! Not my favourite occupation.  

Well thats about it for today time I went and showered and had a look through the freezer for something for lunch - fish I think as that doesn't need to be defrosted.  Have a peaceful day all.....
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